How to Delete My Yahoo Messenger Account

I believe you heard the news about the closing of Yahoo Messenger public chat rooms. Some of the loyal users of Yahoo messenger service(YM) are angry on it, and one user asked me to share steps to delete YM accounts. Whatever the reasons Yahoo provides an option to delete your Messenger account. However, the important point to remember is you cannot delete YM account alone. The only option is to delete entire features associated.

So I recommend using the different alias if you are no longer interested in disclosing your real ID. If you are determined to delete entire Yahoo account, you can follow the steps provided below.

  1. Go to the Yahoo Account Termination page by click on the link below

  2. Login using your username and password

  3. Now you need to verify the termination process by filling your password

  4. Now they will permanently disable your access to this account and put this account in the deletion queue. After 90 days, they will remove your account.

Points to Remember
  1. If you are using any premium service, you have to cancel them before you start the deletion process.

  2. Even if you delete the Yahoo account, it will be still in their server for 90 days

This 90 days delay in complete removal is to prevent users from doing fraudulent activities using their service. For example, if one particular user uses his messenger account to do any malicious or fraudulent activity may close his YM profile after the completion of his task.

 Once his profile no longer exists in the server, he can assure safety from getting caught for his works. However, this 90 days delay is enough for legal authorities to track his user ID and the IP address used to create and manage that ID.

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The above steps are enough to remove your YM profile. If you are looking for services which show whether your current contacts are invisible or offline, click on the link below.

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