Important Network Commands, Error Messages and Procedures

Last Updated:-May 04, 2013
To learn how to troubleshoot a network issue, you should understand at least a list of network commands and procedures. This article is a list of important network commands. They will help you to troubleshoot most of the network issue. If you have learned how to use the commands listed in this tutorial, you won't need professional assistance to fix normal network issues. I start this article with the introduction of very basic network command ping to advance network connectivity troubleshooting steps.

List of Most Common Network Commands

  1. Network Command: Ping
    Ping command is used to check connectivity between your computer and any other network device (with an IP address) in your network.

    Eg: Ping (IP Address of the device like )

    You can check the connectivity between your computer and any other device connected to Internet. For example see the command below.

    ping 4.2.2.

    Here you are checking the connectivity between your computer and global DNS server. To learn more about the use of ping command follow the link below.
    Check Connectivity Issues using Ping Command

  2. Network Command : netstat
    Netstat is used to check the active TCP/IP connection between your computer and Internet. To know more about it click on the link below.
    How to Use Netstat command

  3. Network Command: ipconfig
    ipconfig retrieves the IP address, subnet mask and Physical address (Adapter address) of the computer.

  4. Network Command: finger

    Finger is used to get information about a user in your network.

  5. Network Command: NBTSTAT
    Network command NBTSTAT is used to display protocol statistics and current TCP/IP connections using NetBIOS over TCP/IP

  6. Network Command: Tracert
    This command is used to find the nodes between your computer and destination device. As the name suggests, tracert shows the path between source and destination. To learn more about it follow the link below.
    Tracert- How to Find Route Between Source IP and Destination IP

  7. Command Route
    Route command help you to view and make changes in routing table in stored in your computer.

  8. ipconfig /displaydns
    This command shows the cached DNS details stored on your computer.

  9. ipconfig /flushdns
    The command ipconfig /flushdns allows you to flush already saved DNS details on your computer. It helps you to fix many DNS issues on your computer.

  10. netsh int ip reset c:\tcp.txt
    This command reset the TCP suit in your computer.

  11. netsh winsock reset
    Command netsh winsock reset is used to reset Windows socket on your computer.

  12. ARP
    Displays and modifies the IP-to-Physical address translation tables used by Address Resolution Protocol(ARP). To learn more about it click on the link below.
    Address Resolution Protocol

  13. Network Command: PathPing
    To learn more about this command go to the link below.
    PathPing - An Effective Route Tracing Tool

Additional Network Troubleshooting Procedures
Here is a list of most common network error troubleshooting procedures you can follow when you face a network connectivity issue.
  1. Commands to Reset Windows Socket

  2. How to Reset Winsock in Your Computer

  3. DOS Command to Set Automatic IP Configuration From DHCP Server

  4. DOS Command To Open Command Prompt In Any Drive

  5. Select and Copy Contents From Command Prompt to Notepad

  6. Command to Configure WINS From Command Prompt

  7. Command to Configure DNS address From DOS Prompt

  8. Command to Assign Static IP Address From Command Prompt

  9. How to Assign Static IP Address on MAC

  10. Steps to Assign Preferred DNS Server Address On a Computer

  11. How to Add DNS Server Address On a Linux PC

  12. How to Change DNS Address On a Photon USB Modem

  13. Update and Reinstall TCP/IP Protocol On a Computer

  14. How to Change COM Port Assigned to Modem on Your Computer

  15. DOS Prompt Command to Access Device Manager

  16. How to Enable Flow Control On a Network Adapter

  17. How to Update Driver Software Installed On a Computer

  18. Steps to Find Fastest DNS Server For Your Computer

  19. How to Power Cycle a Modem and Router

  20. Continues Dial-up Connection Prompt to Connect to a Network

  21. Wireless Network Keep Connecting and Disconnecting

  22. Reasons and Solutions For Slower Internet Connection

  23. What is The Difference Between Internet Bandwidth and Internet Speed

  24. Different Tools to Check Your Internet Download Speed

  25. I am Online With USB Connection But Cannot Access Internet With Ethernet Connection

  26. How to Repair IP Address in Windows XP

  27. How to Find the IP Address of a Website using the command prompt

  28. How to Enable Disabled Adapter On a Computer

  29. Steps to Improve Internet Bandwidth and Speed

  30. How to Track an IP Address and Find Location

  31. Resolve IP Address Conflict With Another System On The Network

  32. How to Perform Continues Ping Operation From Your Computer

  33. Make Sure Your Website is Accessible in All Countries

  34. Tools to Verify The Accessibility Of Your Website in any Country

  35. Steps to Add Open DNS in Ubuntu Linux

  36. Commands to Configure Broadband in Ubuntu

Common Network Error Messages and Error Codes

Till now we have seen the important procedures to fix common network connectivity issues. Now it is the time to learn common network error messages and error codes. Here you see a list of our tutorials to troubleshoot and fix most common network error messages and error codes.
  1. Destination Host Unreachable - Reasons and Solution

  2. Destination Net Unreachable - Reasons and Solution

  3. Request Timed Out

  4. Ping; Transmit Failed, Error Code 10045

  5. PING: transmit Failed, Error Code 65 - ZoneAlarm Effect

  6. Ping Error Code 2

  7. Ping gives Hardware error

  8. TTL Expired in Transit - Reason and Solution

  9. How to Fix Ping Transmission Failed Error Code 31

  10. Getting Error 678 The Remote Computer did not Respond

  11. Ping:transmit failed, error code 1314

  12. PING: Transmit failed. General Failure

  13. Ping Request Could not Find Host. Please Check the Name and Try again

  14. Error 1747: The Authentication Service is Unknown

  15. Error 628: The Connection was Terminated by the Remote computer before it could be Completed

  16. Error 797: A Connection to the Remote Access Server was not Made because the Modem was not Found

  17. Error 769: The Specified Destination is not Reachable

  18. The Requested Operation Requires Elevation

  19. Either you Specified a Destination Address that is not Valid or Remote Server is Down

  20. A Network Cable is Unplugged

  21. Duplicate Name Exists Error While Connecting to a Network

  22. Getting Error 720 While Making a Dial-up Connection

  23. Modem Reboot Error: Failed to Obtain Write lock on IM

  24. Error 633: The Modem is Already in Use or not Configured Properly

  25. An Error Occurred While Trying to Share Folder Over a Network

  26. Continues Dial-up Connection Prompt to Connect to a Network

  27. Error 619: A Connection to the Remote Computer Could not be Established

  28. Error 718: The Connection was Terminated because the Remote Computer did not Respond in a timely manner

  29. Error 777:The Connection Attempt failed due to Remote Computer Out of Order

  30. RPC Server is Unavailable While trying to Renew IP Address

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  5. How to solve error 691?

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