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How to Kill Unwanted Unresponsive Process in Chrome Browser By Task Manager

Do you find Chrome browser installed on your computer works slower than before ? Or do you feel it freeze suddenly ? Some times there are too many background processes running on Chrome that reduce the efficiency. You can kill any unwanted or unresponsive processes in Google Chrome browser by using the Chrome Task Manager. Here you can check the Memory usage of each currently running process along with the CPU usage, Network usage etc. To end a process currently running on Chrome, select the process and click on the button End process. The same steps can be used to kill an unresponsive page on Chrome browser.

Steps to end a process running on Chrome Browser
Here I am going to demonstrate the procedure to perform it. I am planning to kill some unresponsive processes running on the background. It is important to note that as the number of tabs increases, number of running processes increases. You can select the specific process for the tab and kill it.
  1. Click on Customize and Control button on the right hand top of the browser.
    how to open chromium task manager

  2. Click on Tools

  3. Select Task Manager

  4. Select the process and click End process
    open and kill unresponsive page
To measure the memory usage in a multi-process browser click on the link Stats for nerds. By using Google Chrome Task Manager you can kill any page or process. Just like this if you want to open a recently closed tab, follow the link below.
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While checking Chrome Task Manager you can view all the processes including those of Chrome extensions currently running on the browser. You can end any of them by selecting the specific process. There is an  extension which helps you to take full page screen shot by itself. To learn more about it click on the link below.
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Google Chrome is a fast and reliable web browser which is actually more than a normal browser. If you are an android gamer and want to play some Android games on your PC, Google Chrome can help you. To learn more about playing one Android game, click on the link below.
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Kill Multiple Unresponsive Tasks
We can kill unresponsive tasks either by one by one or by together. After starting Google Task Manager, we can select multiple tasks by using [Ctrl] button. All we have to do is to select the the task which we need to close while holding [Ctrl] button. Once the selection is complete, we need to press End Process button. All the selected tasks will be closed by now.

The above image can give you more details about it. Here I have selected two tasks at the same time and closed them together.