How to Cut a Video File Using Free Video Cutter Avidemux

Yesterday I recovered a long forgotten video which had taken during my college days. Though an amateur creation, it has many exciting moments which reminds the college days. Since I had no intention to keep that lengthy video, I decided to save an important part. I do not know very much about Video editing but wanted to edit this one badly. So I wanted simple video editing applications. This article is about one free video editing software and how did it meet my needs.

I hope this article will help newbies who have genuine copies of movie file but planning to delete it while keeping the best parts of it.

You need a free movie cutter to perform this task. This article explains how much one of my favorite free applications named Avidemux can help you.

I have been using this free application to edit and cut movie files, and it is a hassle-free video cutter. By using Avidemux, we can cut a film into multiple clips.

We can save the edited frames in the formats AVI, MPEG, ASF, etc.. using this application. Below you can see a step by step guide to cut one video file using Avidemux.

Cut a Video Using Avidemux
  1. Start Avidemux and open a movie file by pressing open button on the left-hand top
    Video Cutter

    It just takes a few seconds to load the file.

  2. Select the Starting point from which you need to create the video clip using the sliding bar
    how to select

  3. Press A to start cut(When the slider is at the right frame) and press B at the end frame to stop cutting while you slide the film
    start saving

  4. Click on Save button on the top
You can see how simple to cut a clip from a big movie file using Avidemux video cutter tool. It is freeware you can download from their server. If you ever face issues with Windows Debuggers follow the link below.
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Where to Download Avidemux
If you have not downloaded this free application to your PC, you can do it from the link provided below. Here you will see different versions of this software for different Operating Systems.

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Depends on the OS on your laptop, you may choose the right version. Right now Avidemux is available for Windows (both 32 bit and 64 bit versions), Linux and MAC. You can start your download using the link below.