Windows 10 File Access Denied- Need to Provide Administrator Permissions to Move The File

Have you ever encountered an error message File Access Denied 'You will need to provide administrator permission to move this file' while moving one file on your computer from one location to another? Two different reasons are behind this error message. The first reason is when you are in a standard user account without having sufficient permission. The second reason is the wrong security permissions set on the file.

 This article explains the possible solutions to fix this error message by analyzing the two common reasons behind it. Let us check the two reasons separately.

The first solution is to check the type of user account you are already logged in. You need to login to an Administrative account to move a folder which needs administrative privilege.

 If you are already logged in to an administrative account and still facing the same error message, you have to edit the system permission set. By changing the set of rules which restrict the access, you can fix this issue.

Solution For File Access Denied Error

  1. Log in to the Administrative Account

  2. Change Security Settings
On my computer, I tried to change a PDF file named CoreNetworkZ from one folder to another. Due to the security settings, I received the error message- You will need to provide administrator permission to move this file. The error message looks like:
 Access Denied

You can change the permission for a user by following the steps below.
  1. Right-click on the file

  2. Click on Property

  3. Click on the Security tab
    how to change system permission for each user accounts

  4. Select the user and click on the Edit button near the headline - To change permissions, click Edit

  5. Select the user and uncheck every deny check box. After unchecking every denies box click Apply

After changing the permission settings, we will not face any problems while changing the location of the file on the PC.

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Windows has a feature to stop the automatic installation of unwanted programs on your computer.

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This application lock feature similar to our file permission denial can prevent any unauthorized installation. To learn more about it follow the link below.
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