Tips to Increase Google AdSense CPC & CTR

Since the beginning of my blogging career, I have been using Google Adsense to monetize my websites. I changed the way of displaying advertisements multiple times by altering the basic facts which affect the Adsense revenue. I gradually developed my AdSense tweak skills from a newbie webmaster level to an experienced level during this period. Though the traffic is the key to AdSense success, there are some factors which improve the total revenue.

CPC and CTR are the most important among them. This tutorial teaches you how to improve the CPC and CTR on your websites.

High CPC Assures Higher Adsense Revenue

In advertisers point of view CPC of Adsense units showing is the amount they pay to display their ads and it is just above the amount bid by the competitor immediate below him (not the maximum amount they bid).

According to a webmaster, Cost Per Click of ad units displaying on his website is the amount he is getting when a reader clicks them (amount paid by the advertiser minus Google's share). Now the million dollar question, how to improve CPC of Advertisements showing?

To crack down the secret facts of CPC, we should learn the factors affecting it. I recommend you to read my previous article on the secret facts which determine the CPC. Some of them are:
  1. Use of highly Competitive keywords attracts Adsense Ads with higher CPC

  2. Limit the number of ad units displaying on a webpage

  3. Placement of Ad unit on a webpage

  4. Use Keywords where advertisers willing to bid more

  5. Target visitors from the geographical area where advertisers bid more

  6. Use the better performing unit to increase revenue

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Relation Between CTR and Google Adsense Earning
CTR (Click Through Rate) is the ratio of total clicks on the ads by the total ads impressions. Usually, it is represented in percentage by advertisement companies. This equation will help you to find the CTR of PPC Ads displayed on your website.

CTR = (Total Clicks/ Total impressions) X 100

By increasing the CTR, you can improve your earnings. Though there is no optimum Click Through Rate, I believe it is better having between 2 to 5 percent. To increase CTR, you should care about the following factors.

  1. Ads placement affects CTR and always experiment with new positions on your website

  2. Perfect blending of ad units with the website can improve CTR. It means link color, font size, text color, etc.. of the Ad unit should match with the content.

  3. Get more visitors from Search Engine because organic traffic always increase Click Through Rate

  4. A relevant advertisement can assure higher CTR
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