Small Office Home Office (SOHO) Device Setup Guide

We started CoreNetworkZ with the motto of helping people who wanted assistance in setting up SOHO devices. SOHO stands for Small Office Home Office. All home network devices belong to the SOHO category. This tutorial helps to configure and troubleshoot a LAN network in your home or office. This article is dedicated to SOHO products and is a collection of configuration and troubleshooting tutorials. I started my networking career by designing and troubleshooting networks with SOHO products.

In this tutorial, you can find links to various guides to configure and troubleshoot routers, modems, switches, adapters, etc.. We have separate tutorials for different vendors like Belkin, Linksys, Cisco, D-link, etc..

Router Tutorials

Here you can see a list of router configuration and troubleshooting guides of various router manufactures.

1. Linksys Routers
Here is a list of our guides on various models of Linksys routers.
  1. Manual Steps to Configure Linksys Wireless Router

  2. Steps to Reset a Linksys Wireless Router

  3. Steps to Create Guest Access On Linksys Wireless Router

  4. Steps to Configure Linksys E4200 Wireless-N Router

  5. How to Setup Linksys Dual-Band N Wireless Router E3000 - E Series

  6. Configuration Steps for Linksys E1000 Wireless N Router

  7. How to Troubleshoot a Linksys Wireless Router

  8. How to Configure Linksys WRT160 N Wireless Router With DSL Broadband Connection

  9. Steps to Update Linksys Router Firmware

  10. How to enter DNS settings in Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router

  11. Cannot Access Website Though Linksys Router

  12. Port Forwarding in Linksys WRT54G Router

  13. How to change Wireless channel in Linksys Wireless Router

  14. Setup Linksys WRT54G Wireless router in PPPOE

2. Belkin Router
  1. How to Setup Belkin Wireless Router Manually

  2. Configure Wireless Security on Belkin Router

  3. Update Firmware of Belkin Wireless N Router

  4. Enable MAC Address Filtering in Belkin Wireless Router

  5. Auto configure Belkin Wireless N router F5D8233-4

3. D-Link Router
  1. How to Setup D-Link Wireless Router Manually

  2. Change Wireless Network Name (SSID) On D-Link Router and Hide Network

  3. How to Update Latest Firmware on D-Link Router

  4. How to Convert D-Link Wireless Router into Bridge Mode

  5. Enable Wireless and Wireless Security in D-Link Wireless Router

  6. Enable Wireless Security in D-link WBR-2310 Wireless Router (WEP & WPA)

  7. How to configure D-link WBR-2310 Wireless Router

4. Netopia Router
  1. Configure Wireless In Netopia 3347 Wi-Fi Router - Enable Security

  2. Setup Netopia Wi-Fi Router 3347) For AT&T and Other DSL Connections

Access Point and Range Expander

Access Point and Range Expander are the devices used to extend the wireless range. Here you can see a list of articles about configuring and troubleshooting various models of Access Point (AP) and Range Expander.

1. Linksys AP & RE
  1. How to Configure Linksys Range Expander (WRE54G and RE1000)

  2. How to configure WAP54G as an Access Point client

  3. How to configure WAP54G in Wireless Bridge mode
2. D-Link AP & RE
  1. Configure D-Link Wireless Access Point DWL-G700AP

  2. Configure D-Link DWL-2100 AP in Wireless Range Expander/Repeater mode

  3. Convert Wireless Access Point as a Router(D-Link DWL-2100AP)

  4. How to connect D-Link DWL 2100 AP as Wireless Client

Modem Tutorials

We have tutorials for different kinds of modems. They are the broadband modem, cable modem, wireless modem, etc. You can read them by visiting the links below.

1. Broadband Modem
  1. How to Configure Broadband On BSNL Teracom Modem in PPPoE Mode

  2. How to Perform Port Forwarding on BSNL Modem

  3. Configure Wireless Security in WA 3002 G4 Modem

  4. How to Setup Nokia Siemens Residential Modem 1600 with BSNL

  5. Setup Internet in Nokia Siemens BSNL Modem

  6. How to Enable or Disable Wireless in BSNL Broadband Modem

  7. Setup Wireless and Security in WA3002 -g1 UTStarcom BSNL Type 2 Modem

  8. WA3002 -g1 UTStarcom ADSL Modem (BSNL Type 2 Modem) Internet Configuration

  9. Setup Wireless and Security On Teracom Modem

  10. How to Configure Huawei MT880 CPE without Running Setup Disc

  11. How to Configure Huawei MT882 CPE Modem With DHCP Function

  12. Difference Between Configuring Modem in Bridge Mode and PPPoE Mode

  13. How to Configure Reliance DSL Broadband Modem

  14. Modem Reboot Error: Failed to Obtain Write lock on IM

2. Cable Modem
  1. Setup Motorola Cable Modem SB5100 Series for Local Cable Internet Connection

  2. Why Do We need MAC Address Cloning in Cable Internet Connection

3. USB Modem
  1. MTS MBlaze Data Card Hack to Fix DNS Issues

  2. Check Reliance Netconnect Bill and Usage With Wireless Broadband Review

  3. How to Check My Tata Photon Plus Internet Usage and Bills

  4. Supported Tata Mobile Broadband USB Modem in Linux - Compatible Modems list

  5. How to Fix DNS Issues in Tata Photon Plus USB Modem

  6. How to Configure Tata Mobile Broadband in Linux - Wireless USB Modem Huawei, Sungill

  7. Get Tata Docomo GPRS and 3G Settings on Your Mobile Phones