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Stop Blogger Counting On Owners Visits in Analytics

If you are using blogger as your blog platform, to count the traffic to your blog you do not need to install any third party analytics (though I recommend the use of Google analytics). Blogger has a default traffic analyzer which checks the traffic to your website, country from which visitors came, the major landing pages with popular keywords. One issue with blogger stats checker is, it counts your own visit to total traffic. Though it makes sense, we can tell it to do not count our traffic to our blogs. So it will give exact view of genuine traffic originated and help to make our future plans with this true stats by making all your visits to your blog anonymous. To tell how to stop counting our traffic, follow the instructions provided below.

Tell Blogger to Stop Counting Your Own Pageviews in Stats
  1. Login to Blogspot Account

  2. Click on the Blog listed in the dashboard

  3. Click on Stats
    stop tracking my visit to blogspot site and be anonymous

  4. Click on the link don't track your own pageviews
    make your visit anonymous

  5. Select the radio button don't track my pageviews and click on Save
    make your visit to make hidden

Now onwards blogspot will not count your visit to your site. It is not an irreversible change. You can always change the don't track my pageviews option to track my pageviews option by following the steps mentioned above. You know the traffic to a blog is directly influenced by the backlinks it achieves over a time. To check the link count, follow the link below.
How to Check Backlinks To Your Website in Google, Bing and Yahoo

Here you learned how to stop blogger tracking your visits to your blog. Think about a situation you have deleted an old post  but now you want to create the same because of the huge visits and backlinks pointing to that old post. It is not possible to create same link for the new post (blogger ensures unique URL for every posts) but you want to redirect that traffic to your new post. You can simply do this task by following the simple trick mentioned in the article below.
How to Redirect Traffic and Backlinks Pointing to Old Blogspot Post to New Post

By default blogger shows newer post first. When you publish a new post, it will take the first position in your blog. However, you can display the opposite of it in your blog. To learn how to do this follow the link below.
How to Show Last  Posts First in a Blogspot Blog


Soan said…
I did but the stats does not make any sense. i trust Analytics only.