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Tell Google to Index My Website Manually From Webmaster Tools Account

Are you facing any indexing problem with your website or blog ? Sometimes Google spiders may not index our web pages and blog posts irrespective of whatever efforts we do. Without indexing, Google will not show a web page in their search results. So it is very important to ensure that every pages on our website and blogs are indexed by Search Engines. What we can do if a website is not crawled by them properly ? This is one of the unfortunate state where Google shows no interest to a blog where already done most of the normal SEO steps to ensure the indexing. Is there any manual steps or procedure to force Google to index webpages on a website ? There is a way to submit webpages which are not yet indexed  from Webmaster Tools. If a specific page or post in our website is not yet indexed by them, we can submit that web page URL to Google directly and their spiders will come to index that URL after it is submitted. Manual procedure to submit a URL to index in Google from Webmaster tools is explained below.

How to Submit a URL to Index in Google Manually
  1. Sign in to Webmaster Tools account

  2. Click on Fetch as Google under Health

  3. Enter the URL and click on Fetch
    My blog post is not indexing in Bing

    Here I have submitted one of my blog posts which is not yet indexed.

  4. Click on Submit to index
    submit url
After a successful submission we will see it as URL submitted to index with a success tick. You must understand that by submitting one URL to index by using this procedure does not guarantee indexing. You have seen how to start a manual indexing by submitting URLs from Webmaster tools account. Similarly webmaster tool helps to optimize the spiders crawling rate on our websites and blogs. We can specify the exact rate of crawling by settings the crawling rate from webmaster tools. To learn more about setting the indexing speed, click on the link below.
Manually Set Spiders Crawl Rate On My Website

As we see, Webmaster tools account helps to learn how Google sees our websites. Also webmaster tools provides facility to change the default settings about indexing rate, Spider visits, submit sitemaps etc. Another facility in webmaster tools account like submitting a webpage to index is to check the indexed links pointing to our websites. To learn more about it click on the link below.
A Lot Of Backlinks Suddenly Disappeared From Webmaster Tools

If you have added a custom domain name for your blog, Google may take time to index all the pages on it with new address. In this case you can use the facility offered in Webmaster tools to index URLs even though Google is not indexing it automatically. Though the result is not guaranteed, it is the one of the best manual procedure to submit a post link and ask to start indexing process. To learn more about the procedure to add custom domain to a blogger blog, follow the instructions provided in the link below.
How to Set Up Custom Domain Name For blogger Blog


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I believe that it is vital to check that every pages on our site and blogs are indexed by Google. Thank you for teaching us on how to submit a URL to index in Google manually."