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How To Identify Low Quality Backlinks to My Website

There was a time when every links pointing to our websites gave PR hike and keyword ranking. After Penguin updates, low quality backlinks neither help nor improve PR of our websites. In fact, Penguin updates penalize websites having lot of low valued backlinks. It is the hard time where webmasters are eagerly looking for any bad links pointing to their website and remove them before causing more damage to their websites. Google introduces disavow feature in webmaster tools to help webmasters who want to ignore any spam backlinks indexed by Google to their websites. So what makes a link low quality ? What type links can harm our website ? How do we find whether it is good or bad? Is there any tool to find low value webpages pointing to our websites ? These are the first priority questions from every professional webmasters. In this article we can check what type of links can harm SEO value of our websites.

Factors Decide the Quality of an External Link Pointing to Our websites
How to find if a backlink to my website is a quality one? Different webmasters and SEO consultants have different opinions about the total value of a backlink. Most accepted factors to consider a backlink as high quality one are provided below. If one does not satisfy following conditions, we can say it a low value backlink.

  1. Relevance of the web page:

    First and most important factor which decides the value of a backlink is the relevance of the linking page with the linked page. If your website gets a backlink from unrelated web page, it is treated as a low value backlink. Links from irrelevant web pages can attract Penguin effects. For example any reference from a cosmetic webpage to a electrical webpage is treated as low value.

  2. Number of Links:

    Total number of outbound links on the page from where we get the backlink is an important factor to decide the quality. If we acquire a backlink from a web page with 100 links, Google does not give much weight to it.

  3. Page Rank of the web page:

    We cannot forget one of the important factors, Page Rank(PR) of the page from which we get backlinks. Mention from high PR webpages bring more value.

  4. Domain Authority and Trust:

    References from a trusted source are more valued than web pages with less Domain Authority. Backlinks achieved from a trusted website in the same niche are considered as high quality backlinks.

  5. Nofollow Attribute:

    Of course links without having nofollow attribute pass PR juice to linked webpage. Though there is a discussion going on about whether nofollow blocks entire PR juice, I prefer links without having nofollow attribute to my website.

  6. Editorial Review:

    If the link comes from a page which is published after a strict editorial review, Google loves it more. One  from user generated content, not reviewed by moderators, is considered as low quality backlink.

  7. Automatic Link Building:

    Backlinks built by automatic tools is treated as low quality and which may even attract Penguin penalties.

  8. Links From Duplicate Content:

    References from duplicate content cannot be quality backlinks. They should come from unique quality content to become considered as quality backlinks.

  9. Google Loves Natural Links:

    We know Google loves natural links which are added by time on other websites by respective webmasters who are impressed by the high quality content on our website. According to Google guidelines any baclinks artificially created are treated as low quality.

Quality backlinks help our websites to get high keyword rank in Google. Also we know the importance of them to help Google spiders to index a webpage. Search Engine spiders follow them and index any unindexed pages. If you face any indexing issues with your website, follow the method mentioned in the article below to rectify it.
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Number of total links on a linking page is an important factor which decides the amount of authority passes. It includes both nofollow and dofollow links. To learn more about it click on the link below.
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