Can Guest Blogging Attract Google Penalty ?

Guest blog posting was one of the important method adopted by many link builders to get backlinks to their websites. It has been working fine since the evolution of the idea but the situation is about to change. From the latest responses by Google officials, we can conclude that they are going to check the growing trend of guest blogging to get backlinks. According to Google guidelines, any link building process with the intention to improve the search rank of a website is not allowed. The same principle applies here. When someone posts an article, he has to put nofollow to the links in the article pointing back to his website. If he fails to add nofollow attribute, it falls in the category of link building with the intention to manipulate search engine ranking. In this article let us check how does guest blogging affect the Google guidelines and possible penalties.

Guest Blog Owner and Google Penalties
First, let us see this in the point of view of the site owner who publishes articles send by others. If he accepts articles totally unrelated to the niche of his website, it can reduce the authority of his website in its niche. Also, the quality of the content (send by) is very important. There is a big chance of getting low-quality articles and it is a tough job to read and analyses the quality of posts he gets before publishing. If the site owner publishes low-quality posts, he can expect Google Panda hit. Factors which can attract Google Penalties are:
  1. Low-quality articles
  2. Bad Outbound links
  3. Totally unrelated content with the niche
  4. Copy paste or spam content
  5. Number of outbound links from a published article

Guest Post Writer and Chances of Google Penalty
Google recommends every writer to add nofollow to the links added in the posts to avoid any future penalty. Is it all? no, there are other risks too for a guest blog writer. If the link pointing from the article is not related to the content, it can attract Penguin hit. Also, it is important to publish a quality article to avoid Google hit on both post writer(writer's website) and blog owner. Always use common sense to avoid the risks with guest post publishing by avoiding overdoing it.

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Update: Matt Cutts makes it clearer by telling the possible penalties and damages by accepting guest articles from unknown people. You can refer the link below to read more about his view.

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