End of Google External Keyword Tool & Free Alternate Keyword Planner

Last Updated:-August 08, 2013
Google is about to stop Free AdWords External Keyword Tool, and it is shocking news for most of the Internet marketers who are using it to fetch keyword ideas for online campaigns. Since we can see the alert by Google about the near stopping of this free Tool, we must find alternate ways to get search phrase ideas for our online campaigns. This feature is helpful not only to get search key ideas but also get the approximate competition and monthly page views of the suggested phrases.

Though Google is going to stop the free External Keyword Tool, we can access a modified form of it in our Google AdWords account under the title Keyword Planner.

See the alert displayed about the expiration of the current feature and the introduction of a new feature.

alternate planner

End Of External Keyword Tool and Alternate Free Keyword Planner From Google
So we can see Google Keyword Planner is going to take over the current attention Google Keyword Tool is getting.

The new feature from AdWords seems more effective than the predecessor in case of potential search phrases suggestion and traffic estimation.

It is necessary to have a feature which gives estimated traffic for every search phrases with average difficulty to rank for it. Without such a tool it is very difficult for a search engine marketer to analyze every search phrases and decide the difficulty to promote a website for that search phrase.

Though there are many software products available they are either paid or not effective. That is why the news of the end of the Keyword tool is a sudden shock for everyone who is into Internet marketing.

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However, we do not need to worry much because Google introduces a new product which can do the current job better than its predecessor.

We are going to miss this wonderful free key phrase suggestion tool. Though Keyword Planner is free, only users with AdWords account can access and use it.

The new Google product is sophisticated for your AdWords campaigns with necessary details like average traffic of the suggested search phrases, CPC of the search words, etc.

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CPC is an important factor in the online campaign, and you can read it in the link below.
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Just like the Google External Keyword Tool another popular service from Google is AdSense. External Keyword Tool helps to find the profitable keywords for our online campaign and Google AdSense, on the other hand, helps to monetize our website.

 There are some minimum requirements set by AdSense to approve an application, and you can read more about it by following the link below.
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