Update Firefox Browser to Latest Version to Avoid Known Vulnerabilities

Mozilla Firefox is one the most popular web browsers today. Everyone tries to find the vulnerabilities of popular products, and Firefox is no exception to it. So it is the duty of a computer user to aware the known bugs and vulnerabilities reported about Mozilla browser and make sure the latest version of it is running on his computer. Firefox responds fast to the reported security vulnerabilities and updates patches for the bugs found.

If you have enabled it to look for the updates automatically, you do not need to worry much since your browser will get the patches for the bugs automatically.

If you have disabled automatic Firefox update, you must update the browser manually.

Where to Find Reported Firefox vulnerabilities
  1. They publish the reported vulnerabilities of the Firefox browser for the awareness of users. You can get the list of published vulnerabilities from the link below.

  2. Mozilla Foundation Security Advisories publish an achieve of known bugs and security flaws reported in the link below.

    They maintain the report in a way that it shows the latest vulnerability reported at the top of the list with tags critical, high, moderate and low.
How to Protect Firefox Installed From Security Vulnerabilities by Manual Update
There is nothing to worry much about protecting Mozilla browser installed on your computer from known security bugs. All you have to do is to ensure version you are using is the latest. To manually update the Firefox browser to the latest version to avoid security flaws follow the steps below.

  1. Open Firefox and press [Alt] and [H] button together

  2. Click on Help and select 'About Firefox'
    Update manually

  3. Click on Check for Updates button
    Protect from backdoors

  4. Wait till the completion of the download.
    Save from Security bugs

    After installing the downloaded updates, restart it.

By the above steps, you can manually update Firefox browser installed on your computer to the latest released version.

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So we can protect our computer from the known security flaws of Mozilla browser.

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