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Do Continuous Ping a Destination Until Manually Stop

If you are worried about the uptime of a destination device, you can check it from your computer by performing continuous ping and analyzing the reply. There is a syntax for continues ping from your computer to any IP address and you have to stop the operation manually in case you don't want your computer to ping the IP any longer. To do it from your command prompt, you can use -t syntax and you must use the combination of keys [Ctrl] and [C] to stop the process. So the complete format of the command to perform continues ping is provided below.
ping -t [Destination Address]

Here we send an unlimited number of ICMP Echo requests to a host using the command provided above. You can see the result from the picture given below.

Eg: Ping -t

The above command will send continues ICMP Echo requests to Google until you stop the operation manually by pressing [Ctrl] and [C] buttons. The below screenshot will show you more ideas about the process of continues ping a destination.

You can use the domain name and IP address as the destination to perform continues ping operation. Just like changing the default number of ICMP echo requests and you can also change the default TTL value of ICMP Echo requests send from your computer. To learn more about it click on the link below.
How to Change Default Time To Live Value(TTL) Set On Echo Packets

Sometimes destination device's firewall is configured in a way to find out continues ICMP Echo requests from a source and terminate it. In that case, we will get an invalid reply from the destination device. If you receive the error message the connection is terminated by the destination device, follow the instructions provided in the link below.
The Connection was Terminated by the Remote computer Before it Could be Completed

In some cases, while performing continues ping a destination, you may get host unreachable error message. It means ICMP Echo requests send from your computer could not find the remote host. If you see this error message while contentiously sending packets to a destination, instructions provided in the below link will help you to fix the issue.
Reasons and Solution For the Error Message Remote Host Unreachable

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Rob said…
Does this method consider an attack in the ping destination's point of view ?
Alex said…
Hi Rob, can you explain your point a little more?