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Using Google Chrome Browser To Access A Remote Computer

There are many instances where we need to access a remote computer which may be your friend's or office computer to fix some issues. We have many remote desktop accessing tools available now but I recommend one new tool comes with Google Chrome browser. It is a free Chrome extension which lets you to access a remote computer using Google Chrome web browser. This apps is known as Chrome Remote Desktop. Using it we can either let a friend to access our computer remotely or access another remote computer. One of the major advantage of using this app to access a remote computer is its support for various Operating systems. It supports Windows, Linux and Mac PCs. They claim virtually Google Chrome Remote Desktop can access any devices using Web browser.

  1. Login to Google account on Chrome browser and visit the link below.

  2. Click on Plus button
    Add remote desktop access

  3. Click on Add and follow the instructions
    Access remote computer using Google Chrome

This extension is very user friendly and you can learn the working by following the instructions with it. We know Google Chrome offers many feature like Accessing friend's computer with his permission or take full page screenshot using Extensions. Now it is the time to check some of the cool features offered by them. Even we can play various games using their web browser without downloading them. To learn more about it, click on the link below.
How to Play Angry Bird On Your Desktop Without Downloading

Not just advance techniques like accessing a remote computer using  Web Browser, we can have many simple tasks using it. One of them is the simple notepad tasks. We can use it to type and save notes just like in notepad. To use this feature, follow the link below.
Use Browser to Open Online Notepad

Since we are about to go for Remote accessing using Chrome browser, it is better learn basic security threats. For newbie user he may set the system settings to allow access to anyone without understanding the great risk associated with it. Before using features like this, it is important to learn basics of Internet security and this blog has a list of basic security tutorials. One of them is TCP split handshake attack and I suggest you to read it. To learn more about it click on the link below.
What is TCP Split Handshake Attack and How to Prevent It