Multiple Mozilla Firefox Browser Tabs Closing Warning Is Disabled

By default when you attempt to close Mozilla Firefox browser, you will get a warning you are about to close multiple tabs. Are you sure you want to continue? if more than one tabs are opened. You can disable this message by unchecking the checkbox at, warn me when I attempt to close multiple tabs. After unchecking the checkbox, you will not receive the alter again. Now the question, how to re-enable the alert while you attempt to close the browser when more than one sessions are open? You can always enable this option back from the options.

Just by unchecking the checkbox, you can disable this warning.
confirm firefox browser multiple tab closing

This alert is intended to prevent unexpected browser closing by a user without knowing the other open sessions. Some users find it annoying when they see this but sometimes this warning is very helpful because it reminds us of the presence of other open sessions. If you are not seeing the warning when closing Firefox, you are about to close multiple tabs. Are you sure you want to continue? by default or you have disabled it by yourself and wants to bring it back, follow the steps below.

How to Enable Warning While You Close Firefox When Multiple Tabs Open
  1. Press [Alt] and [T] together and click on Options
    Stop warning when I close multiple tabs on Firefox browser

  2. Click on Tabs and check the checkbox at warn me when closing multiple tabs
    enable multiple Firefox tab closing warning

  3. Click on OK to save the change

This tutorial is one of the easiest browser tutorials in CoreNetworkZ. Though it is very simple to re-enable the disabled alert when you close the browser when more than one sessions are opened, some users find it difficult to find where to enable it back. From Mozilla Firefox options we can enable or disable this warning. In certain cases, you may face issues with closing it completely on your computer. It means browser might be closed but some instances of it might be running on your computer. The below link tells more about this issue.
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