Prevent Others From Copy Your Adsense Code & Show On Their Websites

Last Updated:-October 03, 2013
There are some situations like when someone copies the content of your website or the design with the AdSense code itself, you will be in trouble for showing ads on unauthorized low-quality web pages. Sometimes it might be an AdSense attack by one of your competitors to get you banned by copying your code and display it on websites which are not complying with Google AdSense TOS. In either case, it is you, who are in risk. It is your duty as a publisher to check these matters and ensure the safety of your account. Luckily Google gives you an opportunity to show them a list of authorized websites on which only Ads must show. Any websites which are not listed in your authorized website's list shall not cause the problem to your publisher account.

Steps to Add a Website to The list of Sites Authorized to show Ads
  1. Login to your Publisher account

  2. Click on Account Settings (On the left-hand side)

  3. Click on Edit on "Sites authorized to show ads" under Access and authorization

  4. Enter the domain names of your websites and click on save

Now onwards Google code may show ads on the websites which are not in the authorized sites list but they never generate any income or risk to your account. In other words, your account is protected from AdSense attackers who put your code on low-quality web pages. Though ads may show on those sites, they no longer affect your account.

There is one risk that, enabling this feature may prevent you earning from ad unit impressions generated on any domains which are not in the authorized list. Google itself warns about this risk and tells to enable AdSense authorization with caution. As you know the relation between a number of Ad impressions and the earning, the below link may help you to calculate the approximate earning from this program.
How Much Traffic Needed to Earn $100 From Google

It is important to make sure that you have added all domain names you own and control to the list before activating this feature. Otherwise, you may lose the potential of earning from impressions received from unlisted domains. To learn more about adding websites to the list of authorized websites to show ads, you may read the support link from AdSense itself.

Sometimes you may receive a few impressions from blogs which are unknown to you. There are many reasons like copying your entire content with AdSense code, simply displaying your blog posts on their website etc. To read about possible reasons for getting additional impressions, visit the below link.

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  1. David Smith8:59 AM

    Oh yes I was looking for such a solution. I know one of my enemy steal my adsense code and put some spam website. I was eagerly looking for a solution to this problem. Thanks brother.


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