How to View Computers Connected to Netgear Wireless Network

Netgear wireless router has an awesome feature to find the connected devices to the router. That includes computers and other devices connected by wireless as well as by Ethernet cable. This feature helps to find if any unauthorized device is connected to your wireless network. It is very important to ensure that no other device is connected to your wireless network and your wireless network is safe. You can check the connected devices to your Netgear wireless router from "Attached Devices". Attached Devices is a table which shows the device name, IP address and MAC address of all the connected devices to your Netgear router.

How to Check Connected Devices in Netgear Wireless Router
To check the connected devices in your Netgear wireless router, follow the steps below.
  1. Login to Netgear Wireless router. To learn how to login to Netgear router click on the link below.
    How to Login and Configure Netgear R6300 Gigabit Router

  2. Click on Attached Devices (You can see this under Maintenance)
    how to see unauthorized computers connected to my wireless network

  3. Check the IP address, MAC address and device name from the attached device table.
    Check someone intrude my wireless network

    So it is easy to find out if anyone intrude your wireless network.

Make Sure Netgear Wireless Network is Safe & Prevent Intruders
This tutorial tells the procedure to check computers connected to a Netgear Router. By checking device details it is easy to find out unauthorized computers and other devices connected to the Netgear router either by wireless or by cable. Having secure wireless encryption enabled on your wireless network, you can protect your Netgear wireless network from hackers and other intruders. To learn this click on the link below.
Enable Wireless Security (WPS & WPA)On Netgear R6300 Wireless AC Dual Band Router

Attached Devices and Internet Usage Though Netgear Router
We know by periodically checking the connected devices, we can ensure the safety of our Local Network. Netgear attached Devices feature helps to monitor devices connected to our router. Netgear router also tells the total Internet usage through Netgear router. To learn more about it click on the link below.
Check The Internet Usage on Netgear Router By Traffic Meter