Port Forwarding On Belkin Router & Fix Issues With Opening Ports

Belkin router has an inbuilt firewall which protects the computers and other network devices connected to the router from external intrusions. However, certain applications like online games, FTP etc won't work properly with its inbuilt firewall. In that cases, we need to forward certain port numbers to make sure these applications work properly. In this tutorial let us see how to open specific port numbers in it to avoid firewall blocking. This tutorial also explains the procedure by allowing a certain blocked game with step by step instructions.

Belkin router Port Forwarding Tutorial
  1. Login

    Use the IP address to the login setup page. To learn more about the procedure visit the link below.
    How to Login To Belkin Router & Configure It

  2. Click Virtual Servers under Firewall
    How to open an application on Belkin

  3. Forward Port Number

    Enter the numbers you want to forward on it and check to enable. After entering the details including numbers, type of number (TCP or UDP) etc, click the Apply Changes button.

Examples of Port Forwarding On Belkin Router

You can see a lot of preset port forwarding on it. You can select it from the drop-down menu at Add.

  1. How to Open FTP Port

    To open FTP port, enter the details like number 21, the private IP address of the computer for which we need to open FTP port. We must ensure that the private IP address mentioned here is static and will not change.
    How to forward FTP through Belkin

    Here the number 21 is forwarded for FTP. Static IP of the computer for which we forward FTP port is

  2. Port Forwarding On Belkin For Age of Empires Online Game

    Let us check another example where you need to open ports for the game Age of Empires. You can see the preset forward rule on it by opening drop-down menu at Add. By pressing add button you can make changes to the port entry. Click Apply Changes button after selecting the preset details and the IP address of the PC on which you are playing Age of Empires game.
    Forward Age of Empires online game port number through Belkin router

  3. Port Forward On Belkin Router For Xbox Live 360

    Xbox Live 360 is very popular among hardcore gamers. It might be shocking for a gamer to know Xbox is not working on his network and he is prohibited from playing his favorite online games. The number you need to forward on it if you are facing issues with Xbox Live 360 is 3074. You should select the protocol type both UDP&TCP.
    Open Ports for Xbox Live 360

Facing Issues With Port Forwarding On Belkin Router
Some users report they have issues with port forwarding. Most cases are from users with Xbox 360

  1. Belkin Router is Connected to Another Router or Modem

    In most cases, users forwarded the necessary ports on the Belkin router but the ISP provided modem (if it is in PPPoE mode) or another router in the network blocks the ports. In this case, you need to open ports on all those devices too.

  2. Power Cycle the Device

    Sometimes you may need to power cycle the router after enabling port forwarding. Just power off it and wait for one minute. After one minute, reconnect the power. Visit the link below to get more details.
    How to Power Cycle a Network Device

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