How to Reset BIOS Settings On Your Computer In 3 Different Ways

BIOS or Basic Input Output System is a built-in software stored in motherboard performs a POST (Power On Self Test) and Loading OS to boot the computer. Traditionally BIOS was stored in ROM(Read Only Memory) but now it is stored in Flash Memory to make it possible to update BIOS. In this tutorial let us check different methods to reset current BIOS settings to factory defaults. It will help you to recover your computer from any faulty Basic Input Output System settings related issues by clearing current configuration.

Different Methods to Reset Current BIOS Settings to Factory Default
There are three manual methods to perform it. They are given below.

1. Soft Reset Using BIOS Setup Utility
  1. Restart your computer

  2. Press the key provided by your system vendor to access the Basic Input Output System

    Eg: In most computer systems either [F2] or [Del] button is used to access BIOS. If you do not know the exact key to access Basic Input/Output System settings on your computer, you may need to refer your computer manual.

  3. Press the key provided in setup to reset the settings to factory default. You can see the key to reset BIOS settings on the bottom of the page.
    Soft reset factory default settings
2. Use Motherboard Jumpers To Clear Current BIOS Settings

To perform this step you must power off your computer and open cabinet. Next to CMOS battery you can find a set of jumpers and you can use it to clear the current BIOS settings by setting the jumper to clear CMOS. It is recommended to read motherboard manual carefully before performing this step to reset/clear Basic Input/Output System settings.

3. Disconnect CMOS Battery and Connect it back After Few Minutes
The CMOS battery is used to power Basic Input/Output System and helps to keep the BIOS settings when you turn off your computer. Disconnecting CMOS battery resets the BIOS configuration. You can find CMOS battery on motherboard very easily because of its coin shape. You need to disconnect it from the motherboard and keep it few minutes before reconnecting. It will erase all previous configurations on Basic Input Output System including the password.

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