There Is No Hibernate Option In Shut down Menu On Windows 8 Desktop PC

If you are looking for Hibernate option in Start shutdown menu on Windows 8 and 7 PC, you may wonder, there won't be such an option.  It is because Hibernation is disabled on desktop computers running on Windows 7 and 8. Instead, there is another power mode named hybrid sleep is enabled by default. This is a special mode can be placed between sleep and hibernation mode.  Meanwhile, Hybrid Sleep is disabled on laptops by default. This tutorial explains how to display hibernation option on Start shutdown menu on a Desktop PC having Windows 8 or 7. At the end of this guide, I have listed some differences between these two power modes. Look at the screenshot of shutdown menu on my computer. There is no hibernate option.
shutdown menu

How to Turn On Hibernation in Shutdown Menu

If you do not see hibernate option in the shutdown menu, it is because hybrid sleep is enabled by default. In order to enable hibernation, we must disable hybrid sleep first and then enable Hibernation. Steps are listed below.

1. Disable Hybrid Sleep

  1. Go to Control Panel

  2. Select view by Large Icon and click Power Options

  3. Click on Change plan settings under currently selected power plan
    Power Settings

  4. Click Change advanced power settings link
    advanced power

  5. Click on Sleep to expand and click allow hybrid sleep
    Power management

  6. Click the On the link to Select turnoff

  7. Click Apply and save

2. Enable Hibernation

  1. Type cmd on Search

  2. Right click on Command Prompt and select Run as administrator

  3. type the command powercfg -h on and press enter
    command prompt to enable hibernate

    This step will restore hiberfil.sys file on your PC.

  4. Now check whether you can see hibernate option in the shutdown menu.

Differences Between Hibernation and Hybrid Sleep

Now let us check the differences between these two power modes and how they affect the system. It is not rare to see many users use these two terms interchange without knowing the difference. You can see a table below which explains the very basic differences between these two modes on a Windows computer.

       Hibernation                           Hybrid Sleep            
Designed For Laptops Designed For Desktop Computers
Turned On By default on Laptops Turned on By Default Desktop PC
Active data is Stored on the hard disk and  turn off the laptop Active data is stored on memory as well as hard disk and put the PC into a low power state
The system is in turned off state Though low power state, it consumes power to maintain RAM
Back to Power on slower compared to sleep Faster to back on compared to Hibernation

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