Redirect Emails Received on GoDaddy Domain Email Accounts to Personal Email ID

GoDaddy professional email allows us to use email accounts associated with the domain names we own. I am using their Professional email with some of my websites and overall happy with their performance. However, the problem I am facing is having less time to monitor and manage all the accounts in a busy life. It is easy to log in and check the account if you have a handful of email accounts but for those who are managing multiple accounts, it is a difficult task. I too find it very difficult to open each email accounts to check whether received any important messages. Luckily there is a solution to this problem. This tutorial explains how to get a copy of the emails received on the GoDaddy professional email accounts to your personal email.

Configure GoDaddy WebMail to Send a Copy of Every Email Transfer

It is possible to configure GoDaddy webmail to send a copy of every email (both received and send) to a different email account. Using this feature, we can point our personal email accounts (which we open every day) as the one to which GoDaddy send the copy. You can configure it hassle free by following the instructions below.

  1. Login to GoDaddy account using the link below.

  2. Click on Visit My Account

  3. Click on Manage button at Email

  4. Click on the drop menu and then click edit

  5. Once you click edit, you can see the option to enter the email address to which a copy of every communication goes

After saving the changes you should check whether it works or not. Usually, it works within minutes after saving the personal email address. If you are interested to read more of tips and tricks with GoDaddy web hosting and domain registrations, visit the link below.

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Here I have configured every website email accounts with my personal email id as the default. So any one of these email accounts receives an email, my personal address will get a copy of it. So I am assured that I will never miss any business emails.