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Android Keyboard Tweaks - Turn Off Spelling Auto Correction, Dictionary, Double Space Period

Google keyboard is very handy for every smartphone users and one of the most necessary Apps on an Android Phone. Google Keyboard is not just a virtual keyboard but it has man features like spell check, auto spell correction, word suggestion, word filtering etc. However, first-time users may find default settings on Google Keyboard is bit irritating. For example, let us consider the auto spell correction feature. Autocorrect feature by Google Keyboard is helpful to avoid spelling mistakes while typing on Android Handsets. But, if the user wishes to use nonstandard words on his chat, the auto correct feature will cause him trouble. Another default setting includes double space period.

When a user press spacebar twice, Google keyboard adds a full stop automatically. This article explains how to optimize Google keyboard by changing its default settings. This post includes the series of 'Android Tweaks' guides.

How to Disable Google Keyboard Spelling Auto Correction Feature
  1. Go to Settings

  2. Click on Language & Input

  3. Click on Google Keyboard

  4. Click on Text Correction

  5. Choose toggle button off near 'Auto-correction'
Once you turn off the toggle button near 'Auto-correction', pressing spacebar will no longer insert the highlighted word automatically while you are typing.

Turn off Android Feature 'Double Tap Spacebar to Insert a Full Stop'
By default when you tab spacebar twice, a period will be inserted automatically on Android Devices. Sometimes this feature can create trouble while typing on Android Phones and Tabs. The following steps instruct how to tell Android not to insert a period (full stop) while tapping two times on spacebar.
  1. Go to Settings

  2. Click on Language & Input

  3. Click on Google Keyboard

  4. Click on 'Double Space Period'

  5. Choose toggle button off near 'Double Space Period'

How to Delete Learned Words From Android Dictionary
Whenever you type new words on your Android device using Google Keyboard, it automatically adds those words to the dictionary. It is possible to delete all such learned words from the dictionary on your Android handset. To remove those learned words from your Android Phone dictionary, follow the steps;
  1. Go to Settings

  2. Click on Language & Input

  3. Click on Google Keyboard

  4. Click on Dictionary

  5. Tap 'Delete learned words'

  6. Now you will be asked to confirm this operation by tying a code displayed
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