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Compare Zain & Viva Prepaid Internet Plans & Check Account Balance

Zain and Viva are two popular Prepaid Internet Service providers in Kuwait. Both Viva Prepaid internet and Zain eeZee Internet services offer better deals for customers in Kuwait by providing large data volume at a reasonable price. Though both these companies offer similar service, it is better you make a comparison on prices and free data volume provided by both Zain and Viva prepaid Broadband Internet Service providers. This article tells where to check for comparison on monthly costs based on subscribed data volume and help you choose whether Viva Prepaid Internet or Zain eeZee internet plan best suited for your requirements.

This article also explains, how to check the remaining Zain and Viva Prepaid Internet balance your device.
  1. How to Check Zain & Viva Prepaid Internet Data Usage & Balance

    • Check Zain eeZee Prepaid Broadband Balance

      It is easy to check the balance data remains on your Zain eeZee Prepaid account. All you have to do is visiting the account URL. Direct link to check Zain eeZee Prepaid Internet usage and balance is:

    • Check Viva Prepaid Internet Broadband Usage and Balance

      You can easily check the remaining data left on your Viva Prepaid Broadband account and the current data usage by visiting the URL below.

  2. Troubleshoot Slower Internet Speed

    If you feel, you are getting slower broadband speed from your prepaid Internet Service Provider, follow the instructions provided in the link below.
    Broadband Internet Speed Hack

  3. Compare Zain & Viva Prepaid Plans

    • To check latest Prepaid Data Plans offered by Zain eeZee bundles, click on the link below.

    • To check the latest Viva Prepaid Broadband Internet Plans, click on the link below.
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