Setup Gulfnet ADSL Wireless & Internet Connectivity

Gulfnet is the pioneer in providing Internet services in Kuwait and now they are offering high-speed ADSL broadband service in the Gulf region. This tutorial gives step by step instructions to configure Gulfnet ADSL broadband connection with various models of the modem in the Kuwait market. Gulfnet Broadband service supplies various models of the modem from different vendors like Netgear, Buffalo etc with or without wireless router feature. Though the default login IP, username and password, User Interfaces of Gulfnet supplied modem models are different, basic procedure to setup Gulfnet modem with Gulfnet DSL parameters is same.

The second portion of this guide explains how to configure Gulfnet WiFi on a router and how to secure it. This guide also explains how to check Gulfnet Internet usage and pending bill payment.

How to Setup Gulfnet ADSL Modem
Gulfnet Internet Service Provider supplies modems/router from Netgear and Buffalo. Both these models have different login procedure. So the detailed steps to configure both Netgear and Buffalo Modem/Router with Gulfnet Connection are given below in two parts.
  1. Configure Gulfnet Connection With Netgear Modem
    1. Gulfnet Modem to Computer Connection

      • Connect LAN port of Netgear Modem to Computer using an Ethernet cable.
      • Internet/WAN port of the modem to a Telephone cable.
      • Power on the devices.

    2. Login to Gulfnet Modem

      • Type the default login IP of Netgear Modem by Gulfnet, on the address bar of browser and press enter
      • Default username of Netgear modem by Gulfnet ISP is admin and enter password on password field to log in

    3. Go to Settings page and choose radio button Yes near Does your internet connection requires a login

    4. Select PPPoE from the list of encapsulation protocols and click next

    5. You will be asked to enter username and password provided by Gulfnet ISP and select Idle timeout :0

    6. Enter Gulfnet DSL parameters to setup ADSL and click Apply
      • Select LLC
      • Enter 0 at VPI
      • Enter 33 at VCI

    7. Power Cycle Gulfnet Modem

      It is an optional step, in case if you cannot access the Internet after configuring Gulfnet Netgear modem, follow the instructions given in the link below.
      How to Power Cycle Gulfnet Router

  2. Configure Buffalo ADSL Router with Gulfnet Connection
    To install Buffalo Modem/Router with Gulfnet ADSL broadband connection, you can follow the instructions provided in the Netgear installation guide with an exception to instruction number 2.

    1. The connection between Buffalo modem and computer (follow the same instructions given above)

    2. Login to Buffalo Modem by Gulfnet

      • Type the default login IP of Buffalo Router/Modem by Gulfnet, on the address bar of browser and press enter
      • Default username of Buffalo modem by Gulfnet ISP is root and keep password field blank
    3. -
    4. Follow the same instruction set given above and choose "Keep alive" on connection setup

Setup Wireless & Security on Gulfnet Router
Router models supplied by Gulfnet has inbuilt wireless feature. This tutorial tells how to configure and secure wireless on Gulfnet router.
  1. Login to Gulfnet Router setup page

  2. Go to Wireless Setup

  3. Under SSID, change the default name of the wireless network with the name you want and click save button

  4. choose wireless channel 1, 6 or 11

  5. Go to wireless security and choose WPA. Set a passphrase and make sure you don't forget it. You need this wireless key (passphrase) to connect devices to Gulfnet wireless network. Don't forget to click the Save button after each change.

Troubleshooting Gulfnet Router
  1. Getting Gulfnet Wireless Connection Problems

    If your Gulfnet wireless router shows issues in connecting a computer to its WiFi network, you may follow the troubleshooting steps given in the link below.
    Cannot Connect to WiFi Network

  2. How to Reset Gulfnet Router

    To reset a router from Gulfnet company, follow the instructions in the link below.
    How to Reset a Wireless Router

  3. Configure Gulfnet Modem with Third party Router

    We can connect Gulfnet modem to other third party routers like Belkin, D-link, Linksys etc to extend the home network and connect more devices to it. To learn how to configure Gulfnet connection Belkin router, D-link router and Linksys router models, follow the tutorials below.