Setup Qualitynet Broadband Modem For Faster Internet & Wireless Connection

Qualitynet is one of the leading Internet Service Providers in Kuwait who provides DSL and Fiber broadband service to both home and business users. While subscribing to their service, their technicians will install the modem and connect it with your Phone connection. However, there are instances where you may need to change the default Qualitynet DSL modem settings or you may even need to reset Qualitynet modem and reconfigure it from the scratch. This tutorial covers complete solutions to problems occur while configuring and troubleshooting Qualitynet Broadband modem. The first part of this tutorial guides you on how to setup Qualitynet Broadband modem by yourself. The second part explains how to set up wireless and security on Qualitynet modem/Router and share internet among more than one device.

How to Setup Qualitynet Broadband Modem Manually
Step by step instructions to configure Internet connection on Qualitynet modem is given below. Before proceeding, it is important to note that different models of modem have different user interfaces but the procedure and the DSL values are same.
  1. Connect the LAN port of Modem with your computer using an Ethernet cable and power on the devices.

  2. Login to QualityNet Modem Setup page

    Type on the address bar of your browser and enter admin as username and password. If you find any issues with completing this step (wrong default QuaityNet Router/Modem default login IP or username/Password combination), you may follow instructions provided in the link below.
    Find Modem Login IP and Password

  3. Go to Configuration Page & Create New Connection

    Click on Configuration tab from the links on home page. You must make sure no previous connections are there and if have any, delete them. Now click on the Create button (or Add button depends on different models).

  4. Add DSL Parameters

    While clicking on the Next button, you may be asked to enter the following details.
    • VPI = 8
    • VCI = 35
    • For QualityNet DSL connection, Connection Type :PPPoA
    • For Qualitynet Fiber broadband connection, Connection Type : PPPoE
    • IP Control: Dynamic IP

    Click Next on each window.

    You may be asked to enter the Qualitynet broadband username and Password before completing the setup procedure.

  5. Rebooting Qualitynet Modem

    You might be asked to reboot the modem or it starts reboot automatically. You should wait until all the lights are steady.

Qualitynet Router Wireless Configuration Guide
Qualitynet provides Modem/Gateway with wireless router feature in Kuwait. It is easy to configure wireless and wireless security on it.
  1. Click on Wireless Tab under Configuration/Setup

  2. Change Wireless Parameters

    Now you should change the default SSID with the name you want to give to your wireless network. Make sure the radio button "Enable" is selected for Wireless. If you want to turn off Qualitynet wireless, you should choose "Disable". It is better you choose wireless channel 1, 6 or 11 from the list.

  3. Enable Wireless Security on Qualitynet Modem

    To activate wireless security, click on the security tab under Wireless. In some models, wireless security is also on the same page. Choose WPA or WEP as per your convenience but make sure you remember the wireless key (or Pass Phrase) because you need this key on your devices to connect to this WiFi network.

Important Tips
  1. Slower Qualitynet Internet Connection Speed

    If you are getting slower Internet speed than offered broadband speed from Qualitynet, you may follow the instructions provided in the link below. Broadband Hack to Increase Speed

  2. Getting Customer Support
    • Qualitynet Customer Support Number: 1804444
    • Technical Support Webform:

  3. Problems with Qualitynet WiFi network

    If you are experiencing connectivity issues with Qualitynet wireless network, follow the instructions provided in the link below.
    Frequent Wireless Disconnection and Slower Speed

  4. How to Reset Qualitynet WiFi Modem

    If you want to reset Qualitynet modem to factory default, follow the instructions in the link below.
    How to Reset a Modem