My 4G Phone Is Not Showing 4G LTE Networks

This post is on response to an email sent by one of our readers to correct issues with picking up 4G signals on a 4G mobile handset. He is using a mobile phone with 4G features. Though his phone supports 4G LTE network, he could not access 4G network on it. By default, those handsets which support 4G LTE can pick up the signal automatically and access data through it. However, there are occasions where your 4G Phone fails to show 4G signals and access 3G or 2G networks instead.

In this article, I will explain how to enable 4G network on a supported Phone and access the Internet on it.

Reasons For Not Showing 4G Networks On Your Handset

Here is a list of common issues which prevents your mobile phone or tabs from connecting to 4G or 3G wireless networks. They are:
  1. Your Phone Does not Support LTE

  2. Wrong APN Settings

  3. Incorrect Cellular Networks Settings

  4. Problems from the side of your Cellular Service Provider

Solve Troubles to Access 4G Network On a Supported Device

  1. Make Sure Your Device has Correct APN Settings
    If you have not configured your device with correct APN settings provided by your Cellular Service Provider, it will not connect to their network. Here are some support links which will help you to check your current APN settings with the default APN supported by major Cellular Service Providers.

  2. Incorrect Cellular networks settings
    If your device has incorrect Cellular Networks settings, it will pick up only the network which is allowed by the existing Cellular Networks settings. So you must verify whether your tab has correct cellular network details which allow the device to access LTE signals.

    If you don't know how to check whether the current settings allow your Android Tab to view and register on 4G LTE networks, follow the instructions below.
    1. Go Settings

    2. Click on Cellular Networks under Wireless & Networks

    3. Select the SIM

    4. Click on Preferred Network Type

    5. Make sure you have selected GSM/WCDMA/LTE

  3. Issues From the Side of Network Service Providers
    Here, you can do nothing much. Issues like tower location, obstacles like hills or big constructions between you and the tower, transmission issues etc can be fixed by the Service Providers only.

    LTE Internet speed depends on the number of users joined in the same connection at the specific time too. Here, all you can do is to contact the customer care of the company who is responsible for the LTE coverage on your area.