Best Internet Service Providers in Kuwait For Tourists & Gamers

If you are new to Kuwait as a tourist or for a job, the first thing you will look for is to get a good Internet connection. If you produce valid documents required by the authorities, you won't face any issues with getting an Internet connection in Kuwait. Depends on your need, you can opt for either prepaid or postpaid plan. Many service providers issue hassle-free prepaid plans for tourists. If you are looking for DSL broadband plans, service providers may ask you to produce a few documents.

Documents required for a new broadband Internet connection in Kuwait are Civil ID Copy of the telephone line owner, MOC Promissory, MOC clearance certificate and the Consent Letter.

This article introduces you to the procedure to get a new DSL line, best Internet Service providers in Kuwait, cheapest broadband plans, etc..

Best Internet Plans For Tourists in Kuwait

If you are a tourist in Kuwait, you don't need any DSL line unless you are planning to stay here for a long time. It is recommended to take prepaid Data service for tourists.

There are companies which providers prepaid Data SIM cards for tourists. Prepaid SIM cards may include data only or with data and free calls. Zain, Ooredoo, and Viva are the Prepaid Data SIM providers in Kuwait.

You can choose among them according to the download limit, data speed and cost. It is important to note that the data speed of prepaid mobile Internet service may vary among different regions.

To check the fastest prepaid mobile data service in a region, we recommend you to ask a resident from that area. To learn more about the best Prepaid Mobile Internet Provider for a tourist in Kuwait, visit the link below.
Compare Zain & Viva Prepaid Internet Plans

Best DSL Broadband Service in Kuwait

Various companies offer high-speed DSL Broadband service in Kuwait. If you are an online gamer, we suggest you go for a reliable faster DSL Broadband connection to enjoy the uninterrupted gaming experience.

Different DSL Broadband Service providers issue high-speed connection. Some of them are Gulfnet, Qualitynet, and FASTtelco.

  1. Troubleshoot FASTtelco Wireless Router
  2. Setup Qualitynet Broadband Modem
  3. Setup Gulfnet ADSL Wireless Network

To take a new DSL line, you must submit four documents. They are the Copy of the Civil ID of the telephone line owner, Consent Letter, MOC Promissory and MOC clearance certificate.

  1. Stop Redirecting Visitors From ?m=1 Blogspot Pages
  2. Delete Photos Shared On Google Hangouts

Why Do Some Websites Are Blocked in Kuwait?

In this country, websites belong to a few categories are blocked. ISPs have blocked certain domain names by the instructions from Kuwait's Ministry of Communication.

Before trying to unblock a blocked website in Kuwait, you must understand that certain types of content are illegal there. Usually, a website with political, immoral, and religious content is banned in Kuwait by ISPs.