How to Check All Unaccepted Facebook Friend Requests I Sent

Facebook offers an unparalleled way to connect with your friends. It helps us to search and connect with our friends from our school days to the most recent days. It is easy to send a friend request, and if your friend accepts it, his name will display in your friend's list. This tutorial teaches you how to check all the friends request you sent remains unaccepted and who rejected your Facebook friend request.

More than one methods to check those who have not responded to your friend request on Facebook.

  1. How to Check All Pending Facebook Friend Request I Sent?
    Facebook provides a method to check all pending friends requests you sent which are not yet accepted. To check all the unaccepted friend requests you sent, follow the instructions given below.

    1. Log in to your Facebook account

    2. Click on the link provided below.

    3. Here on this page, Facebook shows all the currently pending requests you sent to others. You can either cancel the request or add to another list.

  2. How to Manually Check If Someone Rejected My Facebook Friend Request?
    We can easily check if any of your friends either not responded or rejected your Facebook friend request. All you have to do is to visit his profile and check the status. If you can see the message Friend Request Sent, he has not responded to your request yet.

    If you cannot see this message and if he is not yet in your friends' list, he has rejected your Facebook friend request.

The above mentioned two methods are the easiest ways to either check or cancel all the Facebook Friends Request you sent.

On Facebook Friend Requests Sent page, you can do any one of the actions with the unanswered requests you sent. Those actions are:

  • Cancel Request
  • Close Friends
  • Acquaintance
  • Add to another list

Though there are four actions, the only valid one is Cancel Request.

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Only if your friend responded positively other three actions make sense.

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If he rejected, there is no use in him added to any list you created.