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How to Display AdSense Ads Below Blogger Post Title With Google Auto Ads

After the introduction of Blogger Responsive themes and Google Auto Ads, AdSense optimization for a Blogspot blog is very simple. Google AdSense Auto Ads helps a lot to an ordinary blogger, but we can improve the AdSense revenue by some extra steps.

This article explains how to get maximum revenue by combining the Google Auto Ads and manual AdSense units on your Blogspot Blog.

My experience with Google Auto Ads is very positive, but I have made more income by adding an extra manual AdSense unit just below the Blog post title.

I have explained in my previous article that one of the most important places to display AdSense unit on a blog post in just below the post title.

Google Auto Ads sometimes misses this position as there is no way to manually position the auto ads to display on a page.

The screenshot provided below will give you a clear idea of this point.

You can expect a higher Click Through Rate (CTR) on the Ad unit showing just below the blog post title.

How Much Page Views …