Generations and distributions of Linux distros - Linux Family Structure

The generation of Linux distros from the basic Linux is as follows.

The major distros evolved from the Linux are:

1. Debian
2. SLS
3. Red Hat
5. Puppy Linux
6. Dyne: Bolic
7. Enoch

These are the major derivations of Linux distros. But the game still not ended. Again the new derivations of distros came. They are mainly classified in to deb based and rpm based. The Debian Linux and its derivatives are known as deb based distros. All Linux distros except Debian inherited are called rpm based distros.

Deb based Linux distros

1. Ubuntu
2. Linspire
3. Knoppix

Ubuntu is again inherited by:

i. Open GUE
ii. Linux Mint

Knoppix is again inherited by:

i. Damn Small Linux

Now we can check the major rpm based distros and their derivatives.

Rpm based Linux distros

1. SLS
2. Red Hat
3. Crux
4. Puppy Linux
5. Dyme: Bolic
6. Enoch

SLS is inherited by:

I. Slackware

Slackware is again inherited by:

i. Zenwalk
ii. Suse

The Linux distro SUSE is again inherited by Open Suse.

Red Hat is inherited by the following distros.

i. Caldera
ii. Centos
iii. Fedora Linux
iv. Mandriva

Mandriva is again inherited by PCos Linux

Crux is inherited by:

i. Arch Linux

Enoch is inherited by:

i. Gentoo

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