How to add a Wireless Router to your network where you have a cable modem.

This article is about to adding a wireless router to an existing computer network. Now I assume you have two computers, one modem where one computer is wireless computer. Here I demonstrates the steps to add a Linksys wireless router to all already existing network.

Here the network setup is :

I have a cable modem connected to my desktop. I want to extend the Internet to my Wireless Laptop through the Linksys Wireless Router.

The procedure to add Linksys Wireless Router to a cable modem

1. Make sure that you are able to go online through modem.

2. Connect the output line of modem to the WAN port of your router.

3. Connect the first computer to the LAN port of the Wireless router.

4. Power on the Router and wait until the Wlan and Ethernet light on.

5. Now open browser window and type

How to configure Wireless router on your network Type the Router IP address

6. It will ask you for user name and password. Enter the default values provided by the vendor.
Setup a Wireless router with cable modem The log in page asking for user name and password

7. After log in to the router you may see a page like this.
Configure wireless router for cable Internet connection Wireless -G Broadband router main page

The configuration is:

* Automatic configuration - DHCP should be selected
* The IP address should be
* DHCP server should be enabled

After saving the settings we need to follow the steps below for cable modem - router configuration

8. MAC address clone

Under Setup you can see MAC address clone. Click on that.
How to perform MAC address clone on a wireless router Click on clone MAC address and save settings.

MAC clone9. Set a router password.

We need to change the default password a good password. After typing the password save settings.
Change the Wireless router password10. Configure Wireless on the router.
Click on Wireless tab and do the following steps.
You can give any name as SSID (Wireless Name) and select channel 6.

Now under wireless security enable encryption. To know more about wireless security click on the link below.

How to secure your wireless network
After saving the settings reboot your wireless router. Now you have successfully configured your Wireless router with a cable modem.

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