How to Detect Google Gtalk Invisible Users

Gtalk is one of the popular product from Google and most of the Internet users use it as their favorite Internet Messenger. This guide tells a simple method to detect any contact who appears to be offline but actually in invisible mode. I strongly recommend you to select Go Off the Record option before trying this trick but it is not necessary. If the user is chatting from Gmail, this trick may not work. The reason for the failure of this trick to detect invisible chat contacts with contacts from Gmail is explained at the end of this guide. So here I assume the contact you want to verify whether he is actually offline or just in invisible mode is using Gtalk.

  1. Log on to Gtalk or Gmail

  2. Go to chat settings (In Gmail click on options under chat contacts)

  3. Select the button Never save chat history
    check invisible contacts

  4. Save changes

    Now you can send an Instant Message to a gtalk user and if the user is really signed off ,you will get an alert like "User did not receive your chat".
    invisibility checker

    If the Gtalk contact is invisible, you will never get this alert.

This trick will not work if the user is chatting you from his Gmail account. It is because even though he is offline the offline message will be saved as emails in the users account. So he will receive the offline message as an email under Chat label. So there is an opportunity to deliver the offline messages to Gmail users when he sign in later. So it is not required to show the alert.

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