How to change your system time and date display settings

In this tutorial I am demonstrating an easy way to change the display of time and date settings on your windows computer. Some one really like to see time in 24 hour format while other like to view in 12 hour format. Some one is really looking for change the style of date display on their computer. There are so many third party tools are available to perform this task. Here I am presenting an easy way to customize the look of time and date on task bar.

How to customize the time and date format in system tray without third party tools

To perform this follow the steps below.

1. Click on start and click on control panel

Access Control panel to change system time display settings

2. Click on Regional and Language Options

Click on Regional and Language Options to change computer time settings

3. Click on customize button near the country selected
Edit Regional and Language Options on your computer windows

4. Click on Time tab to change the time display settings on system tray
Change the time and date format displayed on system tray

5. Edit the format presented here.

* If you like to view time in 24 hour format select HH instead of hh.
* We can edit the AM and PM with other parameters we like to see.
* We can edit the time separator

Change time display settings on system tray

6. Click on date tab to customize date display settings

Change date format on system tray without third party tools

On this page we can change the date format on system tray.

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Penelope K. Rowley said...

Thanks. Very helpful. I was going through the control panel security settings etc, and it, (the computer),kept telling me I didn't have the privilege to "spring ahead" - daylight savings time. I could have saved myself some time if I had just asked the net in the first place. Live and learn. Penelope K. Rowley, Vancouver, BC

Siju George said...

It is nice to see this article helped you.

Anonymous said...

Hey I successfully changed time display format. It was in 24 hour clock before.