Disable iPod Service On Windows Computer

The iPod Service is a third party service which is supplied by apple to run iPod on your Windows computer. When you connect an iPod to your PC, it will be detected using it. Its description itself says "iPod hardware management services". It is installed on your computer automatically while you install QuickTime or any other apple products. Another chance is the installation of Apple's iTunes music software. If you don't use this apple device, it is advisable to disable it as it consumes a lot of start up time.

Path of iPod Service on Windows Computer is "C:\Program Files\iPod\bin\iPodService.exe" but it is highly recommended to don't uninstall it as it is used for the smooth working of other apple products on a PC.

Steps to disable iPode Service On Windows Computer

Since the installation is not recommended, you may disable it to fasten the start-up time of your laptop. Steps to disable it are provided below. It is important to note that the procedure is different for Windows 8, 7 Vista and XP computers.

  1. Windows 8

    • Type Services on Search box

    • Click "View local services"

    • Choose iPod Service, and click "Stop the service."
    • Vista and 7

      • Type services on Search box

      • Go to Services and select select iPod Service

      • Double click on it and click stop button

    • XP Computer

      • Click on start

      • Go to Control panel and open administrative Tools

      • Click on Services

      • Find iPod Service and right click on it

      • Click on Stop to disable the service in your computer.

    After effects

    After completing the procedure, you may not be able to watch *.mov files or other video on web sites that need QuickTime to run. Another issue is the problem to connect iPod to your PC without restarting the service by following all the steps provided. Once it is restarted, you will not find any issues with playing QuickTime videos on your PC.

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