How to set filter for emails in your gmail account

Today I am writing one of the small gmail tips to set filter for emails in your gamil account. This post is really for newbies who are not much familiar with gmail account settings. This filter can help you to categorize mails in your account by assigning different Labels for them. The steps to filter emails from a particular sender is:

1. Log on to your gmail account

2. Click on Settings

Settings tab is ion the right hand top of the page.

3. Click on Filters

4. Click on Create a new filter

Now the filter options window will appear.

Set filter in your gmail account

Now you will get different options to set filters in your gamil account. The possible options are

i. Filter based on from address

ii. Filter based on To address

iii. We can filter a particular subject

iv. We can filter mails containing certain keywords

v. We can set filter by black listing certain keywords (opposite to iv )

5. Enter the criteria to set filter and click next

Now the wizard will ask you what will be the end action of the particular filter.

Gmail filter settings

The possible actions are:

i. Skip the Inbox (Archive it)

ii. Mark as read

iii. Star the mail

iv. Apply the label (We can set a particular label for this mail)

v. Forward to a particular mail

vi. Delete the mail

vii. Never send it to Spam

After selecting appropriate actions click on Create Filter. Now the filter is set on your gmail account.

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