Tor Proxy Review - Best Free Anonymous Proxy Software

I am using Tor Proxy for a long time to browse anonymously. I think it is time I need to recommend this (Tor Proxy) to my readers.  I am a person who uses and checks most of the free proxies available (including web based proxies and proxy softwares) with some paid proxies. Among free proxy, one of my best proxy software is Tor Proxy. It is enough to protect your anonymity and not very slow compared to other proxy software. We know even paid proxies are slower because of the nature of Proxy. So if you experience any speed difference in browsing through Tor proxy and non-proxy browse, it is negligible.

Requirements to use Tor Proxy in your computer

In order to use Tor proxy in your computer you need Firefox browser. Using Tor button extension we can toggle the status of Tor Proxy to either on or off.

Known Issues with the Tor Proxy

Some times Google ask me to enter captcha to continue use Google while browsing via Tor Proxy. Though it happen rarely this is an issue I see in Tor Proxy. Some other issues are Tor Proxy disables the sue of Java , Flash, Active X etc. So most of web media players won't work if you are on Tor Proxy. Tor disables Java, Flash and all for the security reasons. These features can find the actual IP address of a user and Tor disable them for providing at-most anonymity. You can enable Java and Flash in Tor by compromising security.

Best Practice with Tor Proxy

1. Keep two browsers -one for Tor proxy and other for normal browsing

2. I use portable Firefox which comes with Tor Proxy

So I can use my normal Firefox for normal browsing and portable Firefox for anonymous browsing.

Where to Download Tor Proxy
You can download Tor Proxy from their website.

I really thanks the Tor Proxy developers for their hard work and make it free for normal users like me.

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nithinvg said...

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