DVD drive is not Showing in My Computer - Not Detecting CD Drive

You may face the issue where your computer is not detecting the DVD drive / CD drive in your computer and not showing it. Here we can check the possible reasons of why your DVD drive is not shown in your computer. After this we can check the possible troubleshooting steps and solve the issue. There seems to be different reasons for not showing up your DVD drive in your computer. It may be the POST issues, driver related issues or may be your DVD drive is disabled in device manager. May be the cabling issues prevent your computer from detecting the drive. To read my complete guide to fix hardware issues go to Computer Hardware Troubleshooting Guide.

Why DVD drive is not Appearing in my computer

As I explained above, most common reasons for not appearing DVD drive in a computer are:

1. DVD Drive may be disabled in your computer

2. Driver need to be Updated

3. May be drive not connected properly

4. Possible Registry Error

Steps to Fix the Issue - Not Showing DVD Drive

Here is a set of normal troubleshooting steps to enable disabled DVD drive in your computer.

1. Check whether DVD drive is detected in device manager

At first we should check whether your DVD drive is detected in device manager or not. If DVD drive is disabled in Device manager, you need to right click on the disabled DVD drive and enable it.

2. Disconnect DVD drive and Reconnect it

Faulty connections can prevent your computer from detecting DVD drive. So it is recommended to unplug your DVD drive from your computer and reconnect. Then you need to restart your computer. Most of the time your DVD drive will be detected by your computer.

3. Update DVD drive Driver in your computer

If the driver installed in your computer is outdated, it is recommended to update DVD drive driver. You can download the latest version of driver from your DVD Drive manufacturer website.

4. Registry fix

I found this registry fix from a discussion form. According to this fix you need to go the following registry location:


Here you need to select the key: {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

You need to delete All Value Data from UpperFilters and LowerFilters attribute.
DVD Drive is missing in my computer

After deleting the value, you may need to restart your computer.

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