Not able to Access Router's Web-Based Setup Page

Some times you may face issues with accessing the web based setup page of your wireless router. Your router may be from Linksys, Belkin, Netgear etc. The troubleshooting steps to fix issues with accessing your router setup page is same for all this SOPHO wireless routers. The major difference with Belkin Wireless router and Linksys Wireless router is its router default IP address. Otherwise, both routers have same procedure to login the setup page.

Cannot Access Setup Page of my Wireless Router- Reasons

There might be many reasons which prevent access to router setup page. Some of them are:

1. Connection issues

2. Faulty Router

3. Browser Issues

4. Using wrong router IP address to login

If your Wireless Router is not connected (in order to access router setup page, it is advised to connect your wireless router to your computer using an Ethernet cable. ) to your computer properly, you cannot access router setup page. In addition to this, if your router or the port of your router is faulty you cannot login to your router setup page.

Sometimes browser cache may prevent you from login to your router setup page. Another change is the usage of wrong IP address to login. In order to find the right login IP address of your router, follow the steps in the below post.

How to Find login IP address of a Router

Steps to fix Issues with Login to Router Setup Page

To troubleshoot the issues with accessing router setup page, follow the steps below.

1. Check Router Lights and make sure connections are proper

To get more help about checking connection issues follow the guide below.

How to check my Local Network Connection and fix the issue

2. Clear Browser cache

3. Power Cycle your router

4. Reset your Wireless Router

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