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I am actively participating HubPages for last one and a half year and many times confused with the HubPage Score. When I start posting new hubs in HubPages it shows low HubScore and many times I notice it increases by time. In the same way I found my Author HubScore is also increasing as the number of hubs I started increases. Though time is an important factor there are some other factors which seriously affect Hub Score. In the same way we can see a reverse process in terms of HubScore. As the time goes there is a chance of decreasing your HubScore. Here I present some of my experiences with HubScore and possible way to improve your hub score. It is important to have a high HubScore because low ranked hubs have nofollow tag (outbound links)and most time your ads may be disabled on those hubs. To know how to improve your ads revenue from HubPages click on the link below.

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How to Improve HubScores of my Hubs

HubPages never revealed the actual algorithm used to calculate the hubscore of each hubs. The factors which I write down are only from my point of view.

1. HubScore depends on time

As you can see a new hub or author starts with lower HubScore and the HubPages Score increases with time. So we can say to achieve high HubScore we need to wait.

2. Original content is rewarded with high HubPages Score

HubPages are very careful about the content of each hubs. They need you to write original content for your hubs. Any copy pasted hubs will be penalized and will get lower HubScore.

3. How big your Hub is a factor to determine HubScore

The word count in your hub is really an important factor which determine your HubPages score. Write a long hub and usually it will achieve higher HubScore compared to shorter hubs.

4. Number of hubs created by you is a factor which determine HubScore

As you can see a trusted old Author's hubs will be rewarded with higher HubScore compared to the hubs of a new author. So Author HubScore is also an improtant factor which determine the HubPages Score of your hub.

5 Amount of traffic to your Hub determine your HubPages Score

HubPages like hubs which attract traffic. So if you can bring traffic to your Hubs it can improve your HubPages Score.

6. Revenue potential can affect your HubScore

I heard from HubPages experts that the revenue potential of a hub really matters when calculating the HubPages Score of that particular hub.

7. Backlinks to a hub improve your HubScore

Backlinks to your hubs help your hubs to achieve high rank in Google search results. It will lead high traffic and results a high revenue. So backlinks to your hubs can improve your HubPages Score.

8. Votes and Comments can improve your HubScore

You should make sure your Hubs are getting vote ups and comments from other HubPages Authors. It can improve your HubScore.

9. Number of Outbound links from your Hub

If your hub has many outbound links usually it will be ended up in a low Hub Score. In the same way HubPages like you to link your Hub to other Hubs and this can improve your HubPages Score.

10.Link out to quality resources to improve your Hub Score

You should link out to Quality resources like Wikipedia and other trusted sources. It can increase your reputation and increases your Author HubScore and individual Hub Score.

11. Participate other Hubs to improve your Author HubScore

While commenting and voting on others hubs you are in a way to increase your Author HubScore. So I encourage you to read and participate others Hub Pages.

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