Tips to Increase Google Adsense Revenue from HubPages

I do not know about your luck with HubPages. May be you are a guru in making adsense money with HubPages or a newbie who is just writing many hubs and waiting for his reward from Adsense. In either way HubPages is a nice place for writers who want to share their ideas with others and a place for Google adsense revenue share. Here I am sharing some Tips to increase adsense income from HubPages.

HubPages Vs Your own Blog (Which is better)

Hub pages is a better place to publish your articles because if you are going to start a new blog, it may take time to get good site rank and traffic for your blog. It needs a lot of hard work (SEO ) other than writing content for your blog. HubPages is an already established platform where your only duty is to write quality articles. HubPages will attract traffic to your article as your article is a page of HubPages. If you are ready to take the challenges to start a blog and promote it, it is always better having a blog other than giving your content to some other sites. If you are not an expert in SEO, writing for HubPages is better than starting your own blog.

What should I do to increase adsense Income from HubPages ?

Rules to improve adsense income from HubPages and a blog is same. Always write unique quality articles with useful information to readers. Try to get more visitors to your Hubs. Important points you need to care about improving adsense income from HubPages are:

1. Always include high paying adsense keywords in your Hubs

2. Avoid writing hubs about adsense disallowed keywords

3. Try to participate in others Hubs and create a huge followers list in HubPages

4. Always use optimized Title for your Hubs (It has a big impact in Google)

5. Always make sure your first paragraph in your Hub is big. It will let HubPages to add 336x280 and 300x250 adsense ads. They usually bring better CPC and CTR.

6. Blend your ads with surrounding and avoid border.

7. Try to make your Hubpage Capsules bigger

8. Always Try to improve your HubPages Score

9. Use Images in your Hubs wisely (It can increase your CTR )

If you follow the above tips, it can improve your adsense income from HubPages.

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