How to Create Guest Access in Linksys Wireless Router

Linksys Wireless Router has a new feature called guest access to its wireless network for your guests in your home or work place. As the name says, guest access gives limited privileges to your guests even though they are connected to your wireless network. Guest wireless access let the users to share the Internet and browse but they cannot access the main Linksys Wireless network. Since they do not have access to the main wireless network, they cannot access the computers connected to the main wireless network. So your main network is secure.

How to Setup Guest Access in Linksys Router

There are two methods to create guest access in Linksys Wireless router.

1. Create Guest Access by login to the Linksys web-based setup page

2. Create Guest Access using Cisco Connect

Setup Guest Access using web based setup page

1. Connect LAN port of Linksys Router to Computer using Ethernet cable

2. Type on the address bar of browser

3. Enter the user name and password as follows


     Password : admin 

This means Username field is blank.

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4. Click on Wireless Tab

Login Linksys Guest account

5. Click on Guest Access

Create Guest access to Linksys Router

6. Allow Guest Access

7. Change Guest Password to something stronger than default "guest"

On the same page you can fix the maximum number of guests allowed.

Create Guest Access using Cisco Connect

1. Run Cisco Connect in your computer

setup linksys guest access with Cisco connect

2. Click on Guest Access

3. Select Enable Guest Access

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