The Requested Operation Requires Elevation (Run as Administrator)

If you are trying to access certain files or services, those need the elevated permission as a local administrator, you will receive an error message The requested operation requires elevation(Run as administrator). It is due to the continues efforts of Windows to protect the safety of user computer from unauthorized access to important services and applications by adding an extra layer of security which enforces users to run the application with administrative privileges only. This Windows feature is called User Access Control(UAC) which ensure user is accessing the program/service with necessary administrative rights. The error message you may receive if you are trying to access the application without sufficient administrative rights looks like one below.

The Requested Operation Requires Elevation (Run as Administrator)

Solution for "The Requested Operation Requires Elevation"

  1. Run as Administrator: You should run the application as administrator to avoid getting the error. You can do it by right click on the application icon and select the option "Run as administrator". To learn more about it follow the link below.
    you do not have Administrative Rights to Run the Command
  2. Change the UAC Settings: If you are annoyed by the continues UAC warnings, you can change it by following the steps mentioned in the link below. You should be logged on as an administrator to perform these steps.
    How to Change User Access Control(UAC) Notifications

I received the message "The Requested Operation Requires Elevation" while performing winsock reset in my computer. To learn more about this process click on the link below.
How to Reset Winsock in Your Computer

The extra protection might be annoying for some users but it is very necessary to prevent malware programs to start influencing critical functions on a PC. If a malware program is installed on your laptop accidentally and it successfully hide its presence from Antivirus, this UAC protection prevent it from accessing or running critical Microsoft applications.

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