How to Reset Linksys Router

Linksys router comes with a reset button and it is very much needed if you want to reset the current configuration. Linksys router does not comes with a password recovery wizard and the only way to claim access to the setup page is by resetting the current password you forgot. Another common reason to perform reset is to fix connectivity issues due to the faulty configuration and you are unable to find the exact wrong setting made. In that case you need to reset the router to factory default and start it from the beginning. So the major reasons for performing it are;
  • Forgot Linksys Router password

  • To recover from faulty  configuration

  • Part of the firmware upgrading process

Steps to Reset Linksys Wireless Router
  1. Hold Reset button for 30 seconds by using pen tip. You can find reset button on the rear side of Linksys router.

  2. Make sure Power button, Internet button and WLAN button are blinking

  3. After 30 seconds release pen tip from the reset button and wait till all three lights are steady

To learn more about different methods to reset a device, follow the instructions provided in the link below.
How to Reset a Modem

After resetting your Linksys router, you need to configure it again. It is because while resetting, the previous configuration saved will be removed. So to reconfigure it, follow the instructions provided in the link below.
How to Setup Linksys Wireless Devices

Recovering Lost Linksys Router Password

While I was working as a network support engineer for SOHO department, many queries were related to the recovery of Linksys router passwords set by the users themselves. The real problem with Linksys router is, if we lost the custom password set, there is no way to recover it. Only option remains is to reset the device and reconfigure it. If you have lost login password of your Linksys router, I suggest you to follow the instructions provided in the link below.
I Lost Router Login Password

One common trouble users find after resetting their Linksys router is, issues with playing online games or running-troubles with Internet programs. It is because the previously opened ports are again blocked due to the reset. In order to fix it we need to open the same ports again. Following link leads to the steps to forward ports.
How to Open Ports on Linksys Firewall


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