How to Link AADHAAR Card Number With SBI Personal Bank Account

Government of India made it mandatory for everyone to link their AADHAAR card to their bank account for getting direct credits of government benefits and subsidies. For example you will not get LPG subsidy unless your AADHAAR card number is linked to your bank account. If you have not added your AADHAAR with your personal bank account yet, you must do it immediately. This tutorial will assist you to link your AADHAAR card to your SBI account. AADHAAR card linking is also called AADHAAR card seeding and this article is focused on steps to link AADHAAR card with State Bank account. There are four different methods to add your Aadhaar card number with SBI account. They are:

  1. Send SMS to add AADHAAR card with SBI bank account

  2. Online method to link Aadhaar card to SBI account

  3. Using ATM to connect your Aadhaar with SBI account

  4. Offline method to link AADHAAR card to State Bank account

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Send SMS to Link Aadhaar With SBI Account
The easiest method to update your AADHAAR card number with State Bank of India account is sending an SMS from your registered Mobile Phone number. It is important to make sure that you are using the mobile number registered with the bank account you are going to link with your Aadhaar. The SMS format to connect AADHAAR card number with SBI account is

UID {space} Aadhaar Card Number {space} Bank Account Number


Where XXXXXXXXXXXX is `12 digit Aadhaar Card Number and YYYYYYYYYYY is SBI account number

The phone number to send SMS is 567676

Once the verification process is completed, you will receive confirmation SMS.

Online Procedure to Link Aadhaar Card Number
If Internet Banking is activated on your State Bank Account, you can opt Online method to link Aadhaar Card Number with your SBI account. Complete procedure is given below.
  1. Go to SBI web portal by clicking the link below

  2. Click on Login button under Personal Banking

  3. Login using your SBI username and password

  4. Go to My Accounts

  5. Click on Link your Aadhaar Number

  6. Add your Aadhaar Number and click Submit

Once the steps are completed, SBI officials will verify the details and you will receive verification SMS/e-mail after the successful verification.

AADHAAR Number Integration with SBI Account using ATM
State Bank ATMs allow customers to register their AADHAAR Card Number with State Bank accounts using their Debit cards. If you want to add your Aadhaar Card Number with SBI account, follow the instructions below.
  1. Swipe your ATM card and choose Customer Service once entered the PIN

  2. Select Aadhaar Registration and enter your Aadhaar Card Number

Once the steps are completed, SBI officials will verify the details and you will receive verification SMS/e-mail after the successful verification.

Offline Method to Seed Aadhaar Number with SBI Account
If you do not want to try the above three methods, you can visit your SBI branch (where you hold your savings account) and manually submit your application. Make sure you are carrying your original AADHAAR Card along with a Xerox copy. Bank Officials will ask you to fill up AADHAAR Card Integration form. You need to submit your form with Xerox copy of your Aadhaar Card. Bank Officer may ask for your original AADHAAR card for verification. Make sure you get your original AADHAAR card back before leaving the counter.


Balaji said...

I am having a personal account with State Bank of India Broadway Branch Chennai. I tried the online method you mentioned to connect my Aadhaar ID with account but it shows error. Any solution ?

Aakash Patel said...


I submitted my AADHAAR details on my branch. It is weeks now. No confirmation. Please Help