Flash Player Is No More Required To View YouTube Videos

Till now to view an online video like YouTube video require Flash Player installed on our computer. Without Flash player, we cannot watch YouTube videos. However, it is the time to change things. Flash Player is no longer required to watch YouTube videos on your computer because of HTML5. HTML5 is the new standard where we can play an audio file or video file with just a tag.HTML5 is powerful enough to create complex web applications without using additional software plugins.

How to view Youtube Videos Without Adobe Flash Player

It is possible with the new tags introduced in HTML 5. The new tags are <|video|> and <|audio|>. If your web browser supports HTML 5, you can run the video and audio file which are embedded in <|audio|> and <|video|> tags.

PS: ignore the | from the tags.

List of Web Browsers Support HTML 5

Web browsers currently support HTML 5 are:

  1. Firefox 3.5 and above

  2. Google Chrome

  3. Safari 4 and above

So after HTML5 becomes common, we no longer require players to run videos on websites. It is always important to update the flash player installed on your computer to avoid any kind of infections that utilize the known bugs. One such scenario is explained below.
Adobe Flash Player has Stopped a Potentially Unsafe Operation

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