Check Reading Level of a Blog in Google Search

Google has introduced a new Search filter named Reading Level. This feature helps us to filter search results based on the standard of the content. There are three categories of the reading level; basic, intermediate and advanced. We can choose the desired reading level from the advanced search page. These three classifications are based on the level of expertise in the articles. For example, if you are looking for tutorials to start learning a new subject, it is better you choose basic and intermediate. However, for a researcher, 'advanced' is preferred. So for a researcher who is looking for in-depth knowledge in a particular topic must choose advanced rather than basic or intermediate. The same feature helps to classify the quality of a website in case of the level of knowledge.

Let us check the reading level of this blog. Here I enabled the option to annotate results with reading level from the advanced search page.
Find reading level of a blog

According to Google, the reading level of is intermediate.

Enable Reading Level

If you want to see search results with reading level, you can simply do it from the advanced page. You can annotate the reading standard with the web pages displayed on Google by following the steps below.
  1. Advanced Search

    To go to Google advanced search, visit the link below.

  2. Select Annotate results with reading Standard
    find high quality websites

  3. Click Advanced Search button

How to Check Content Standard  Of a Website

If you want to check the reading level of a website or blog, you can do it very simply. You should go to Google advanced search with the filter Annotate results with the standard of content and type site:blog address. For example, if you want to check the reading standard of this blog, use the command on advanced search and press enter. This will show all the indexed pages of this blog with the content standard. If you just want to check the home page only, you do not need to add the prefix 'site:' before the domain name.

Display Advanced Search Results Only

If you are already master in a particular topic and do not want basic information, you should select the filter show only advanced results from Google advanced search page. If you are not an expert in a topic and plan to learn it, better choose the basic or intermediate filter.

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