How to Block a Spam Domain From Google Search Results On Your PC

Google is always on their way to improve the quality of Search Results. Their recent work against removing low-quality spam content from Search Results is a Google App. They have Introduced a new Chrome Plugin called Personal Blocklist. This Chrome App will let users block spam domains which provide low-quality content from appearing Google Personalized Search Results. They will use this Information to update their Search Algorithm to avoid spam domains coming into Search Results any more. It seems a promising Google App for users who want Google to provide the most accurate and quality content for their research queries. It also helps a user to stop appearing a particular website on his computer. This tutorial explains how to install and run this App on your PC.

Install Personal Blocklist to Prevent Spam

It is important to note that, this App works only with Chrome browser and you cannot install it on Firefox or Internet Explorer. So if you want to prevent a domain name from appearing personalized Google Search results on Firefox or Internet Explorer, this App cannot help you.
  1. To install this App, Visit the following link with Chrome browser.

  2. Click on Plus button to install
    Personal block by big G

    In older versions, you may need to click on the Install button.
    Prevent a website from Google

  3. Now it will be installed on your Chrome Browser
    Bury a webpage in Search Engine
To install this plugin (Personal Blocklist), you don't need to log in.

How to Prevent a Domain From Google Search

In order to Block a particular domain from appearing in your Google personalized Search Results, you should click on the block option in search results below domain name.
Make a website disappear from Google

Look at the image below. Here I am going to block my blog as an example. All I have to do is to click the link Block Now onwards I will not get any results from on my laptop. Please note that you should use Chrome to enable this feature. See an example below.
Site URL

For example, if you do not want a website appearing in search results on your laptop, you can use this App to bury it. Once you click on the block "domain name" link, every page of that website will be blocked. Google will show filtered results on your laptop. This App provides an option to unblock a blocked domain name in case if you no longer want a website from being blocked on your computer.

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