Internet Explorer 9 does not support Windows XP - Features of IE9

Microsoft is going to announce the arrival of Internet Explorer 9 soon but gives sad news for Windows XP users. Internet Explorer (IE9) 9 is not for Windows XP users. Internet Explorer 9 supports only Windows 7 and Windows Vista. It seems some of the new features added in Internet Explorer 9 has no room in Windows XP like the ability to pin a website into Windows taskbar and enable the websites to act like an installed program in Windows Vista and Windows 7. This pinned site feature in Internet Explorer 9 Seems a nice idea which encourages website owners to create more interactive web-based applications for Windows users who use IE9.

Speed, performance and Security Features of IE 9

IE9 is using a faster JavaScript Engine called Chakra and MS claims IE9 is faster than most other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera etc. Another feature added in Internet Explorer 9 is a downloaded manager which enable users to stop, pause and restart a download and inform users whether the downloaded file is malicious or not. Just like Mozilla Firefox IE9 too added DNT (Do Not Track) feature in it. So users can prevent websites to get information about user browsing behavior and avoid any kind of targeted ads from ads firms. IE9 also supports add-ons which add more features to Internet Explorer.

IE9 support hardware acceleration while you do video streaming or online gaming. IE 9 lets users block ActiveX controls for any website which they do not trust. This is to ensure that the user is getting full security while browsing with IE9. Tab tearing is another feature with Internet Explorer 9 as it will let you start a tab into a new window without reloading the page.

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