Cannot Access Internet After Installing New Wireless Router

One of the common methods to extend a home or office network is to add routers to the existing network. Modern router installation is very easy and rarely needs assistance from experts. However, some face issues with accessing Internet after adding them to the network. They were online when the PC was directly connected to the modem but disconnected from Internet after installing brand new router. This article explains the major reasons for this issue and step by step instructions to troubleshoot it. Steps are common for all manufacturers like Belkin, Linksys, D-link, Netgear etc.

Reasons To Get Disconnected After Adding Router
  1. Possible connection issues

    If you have connected devices in the right order, computers connected to the network will not face troubles to go online. You should double check the cables connecting the devices and ensure that the connection is as follows.

    • The WAN Port/Internet Port of Modem should be connected to WAN/Internet Port of Wireless Router

    • The computer should be connected to one of the LAN ports of the  Router

      To get more information about how to connect it to your network, click on the link below.
      How to Configure WiFi Device in your Network

      If you have more than one devices with DHCP server in the network, the below article may give more information for you.
      How to Connect Three Devices With DHCP Server

  2. Check the lights

    You should ensure that the power light, WAN/ Internet light, LAN light (respective of the port you are using) are on and steady. If any of these light is not on, there is a chance of loose connection. If you feel the connection is not proper, unplug the cables and reconnect.

  3. Make sure the cables are fine

    Faulty Ethernet cables can block your Internet. So you should ensure that the cables are fine.

  4. Check Configuration

    If you failed to configure the wireless router properly, it will not connect to the Internet. So you should double check the configuration with the manual from the router vendor. Most of the router vendors provide setup disc or automatic connection tools(Eg: Linksys Easy connect, configuration disc from Belkin, D-link, Netgear etc). Some of my older router configuration links are added below.

    I recommend you to go through the above documentation and verify the configuration on your router.

  5. Check USB Port

    If your modem's USB port is connected to any computer, your router will not get Internet connection from the modem. So always make sure the only device connected to the modem is your router. It is very important because modem's USB port gives a public IP address to the device connected to it. As a result, a device connected to the LAN port of modem may not get an IP address.

Some users think they are still online but having troubles with receiving emails on their PC. It is one of the confusing queries comes to a technical support center of an ISP. Actually, those users see web pages from cache only and any new pages will not open on the browser. As a result, users say they are just having troubles with receiving emails. To check this, we must ask them to do a ping test. Here is the procedure to do the ping test.
  1. Open Command Prompt

  2. Type ping and press enter

If they are getting valid replies from the address, that computer is online. If he is getting packet lost message, currently it is having connectivity issues.

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